Some folks like to chill out on the couch with their CBD vape. Then, there are folks who just want to have their CBD, and take on the day like a champion.


For those people, we have Pineapple Express.


Energizing and uplifting, Pineapple Express leaves you feeling both alert, and like a slab of butter on a stack of pancakes. This fantastic strain will leave ready to whistle while you work once more. And with notes of fresh apple and mango, it’s summertime all year round!


Our Pineapple Express CBD vape is available in 200mg here and 1000mg

CBD Vape Cartridge Pineapple Express

PriceFrom £17.00
  • Screw into a 450mAh vape battery. Ignite and enjoy! Thread on high quality 510w twist battery, press tapered end of cartridge against lips. Start with small puffs observe how CBD affects you, reaching up to an optimal dose